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About Us

riyadh cables group

Pioneer and Biggest Player Since 1984 in Wire and Cables Industry in the Region

Riyadh Cables’ affiliates extend to 22 domestic/regional locations, including Riyadh/Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iraq Republic. The company manufactures and supplies all types of wire and cables at its state-of-art facilities.




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As a leading manufacturer of wire and cables in the Middle-East we deliver innovative power transmission & communication solutions exercising environmental care and green initiatives.

Riyadh Cables Group is a pioneering conglomerate in the Middle East cables and wires business with over three decades of serving Saudi Arabia, GCC countries and overseas as well. We have extensive cable knowledge and experience to provide a specification review service on which many of the world's leading engineering and construction businesses rely.

With over 1,500,000 square meters of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Saudi Arabia/Riyadh, UAE/Sharjah and Iraq/Baghdad being operated by high-level qualified expert engineers and technicians, our comprehensive understanding of cable design and manufacturing strengthens our ties with the best manufacturers to add value and avoid costly mistakes on projects. Our customers prevent unplanned downtime by using high-quality, high-performance wire and cable solutions that are sustainable and do not require regular replacement due to damage or wear.

Riyadh Cables Group

Has the biggest extra high voltage testing facilities in the Middle East, and proudly delivered 220/380 (420) kV Extra-High Voltage Cables to Several Mega Projects in Saudi Arabia and in the region. We are also committed to provide standard services to our  customers in the field of testing and commissioning.

Our Vision:

To be a major manufacturer in a broad range of electrical cables covering Wires, Low, Medium, High and Extra High Voltage Cables, Overhead Lines Conductors (OHL), Instrumentation & Control Cables, Renewable Energy Cables, Fiber Optic and Telephone Cables.


Our Mission:

Continuously growing through providing superior services and
solutions to our products used worldwide in the fields of energy,
general construction, oil & gas, renewables, industrial, defense,
rail, transport, mining and other specialty industry verticals, by
investing heavily in research and developments, quality system
and human resources.

Our Core Values:

Our values are build on four pillars:

  1. People
  2. System
  3. Quality
  4. After Sales Service

With our above highlighted values, capabilities, expertise and
strong track record, we strive to uphold our commitment of
providing high quality products and services, in alignment with
the latest technology developments, to our customers at all times.
We focus on steady and sustainable
growth, innovation, quality of delivery, customer centric approach
in achieving our goal to maintain and enhance our market presence
and reputation in the years ahead, leveraging on our performance
and success to date as the springboard for future achievements.


We are committed in achieving continuous improvement of the products,
by improving wire and cable design and manufacturing capabilities in all
our product lines of Low, Medium and High Voltage cables up to 500KV,
electric wire, overhead conductors, telephone – Copper and fiber optic
cables, supported by in-house manufacture of 8.0 mm diameter
Copper Rod, 9.5 mm diameter Aluminum Rod, PVC (polyvinyl chloride),
low voltage XLPE(cross-linked polyethylene), LSHF (low smoke halogen
free) and drums, satisfying market and customer requirements, based on
our ability to manufacture and supply products comparing amongst
others, to the following standards:

  • SASO (The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization)

  • GSO (GCC Standardization Organization)

  • IEC (international Electro Technical Commission)

  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

  • BS (British Standards)

  • EN (European Standards)

  • AEIC (Association of Edison Illuminating Companies)

  • ASTM (American Society for Testing and Material)


  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)


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