Management Message

Management Message

Riyadh cables was founded in 1984 with a single goal in mind. 

That was to continuously innovate and adapt to our customers’ changing requirements in order to be a pioneer in the cable industry. In the process of pursuing that goal, we have become the Middle East’s largest cable manufacturer, and the 4th largest in the entire world.

In the last 38 years, our business has centred its focus on one factor. People. People are our most valuable asset, both in terms of the customers who ensure the survival of the business and the employees who work hard to help us grow. 

Compared to the rest of the world, the Middle East has very specific requirements regarding cables. We are proud to have been able to successfully localise the industry to suit our regional needs. However, Riyadh cables is constantly looking beyond its boundaries. We export our products to over 34 countries, and have deals approved with customers in Australia and New Zealand as well.


At Riyadh cables, we have adapted to face every challenge the world could throw at us in the past. 

The present and the future are no different. With increased levels of digitization globally, our customers’ cable needs are evolving, both in the energy and communication sectors. We intend to use our resources and expertise to keep up with the changing demands of the market and make even greater strides with our innovations.

A specific field of interest for us is environmentally-friendly cable solutions. We have entered this field with our renewable energy cables and hope to offer more products and services that cater to the energy needs of the future.

We recognize that our planet has limited natural resources, and that is the reasoning behind our commitment to sustainability. From the material, processes and technologies used to manufacture our products to the way we conduct our projects, we go above and beyond our basic responsibilities to make sure that our business is environmentally sustainable.


Our vision for the future captures not only environmental sustainability, but human, social and economic sustainability as well. Our human sustainability program focuses on the individual improvement of every member of the organization. We strive to achieve social sustainability, where our business has purely positive impacts on the cultures and societies we are involved with. And finally, we are committed to maintaining economic sustainability and running a profitable business in order to continue to lead the industry. 

Here at Riyadh cables, we are dedicated to working with our partners to keep up with the latest technological developments. Through this we aim to help our customers stay competitive and become leaders in their respective fields.

We are grateful for the continuing support of all our stakeholders and look forward to working with all of you to create a new future.