Riyadh Cables Group is a pioneer in the Middle East cables and wire industry. 

We’ve served several markets in Saudi Arabia and neighboring Middle East countries with our world-class and industry-leading wire and cable solutions that are high-quality and high-performance. We have a team of qualified engineers and experts to design and develop sustainable solutions that will improve any industry these wires and cables are used for.

At the cornerstone of our 30+ years in the industry, we have steadfastly upheld our values and vision. Our goal is to bring the optimal solution for the construction, manufacturing, communication, technology, and other industries with our application-specific solutions. In our commitment to bringing global-quality products, we make sure not to compromise on sustainability.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Riyadh Cables Group, we abide by our sustainability program. This serves as our practice guideline in every aspect of what we do and what we offer our clients. Our sustainability focus is embedded into our activities as individuals and as a group.

At its core, we developed our sustainability program to preserve and wisely utilize resources. There are four areas of focus for our sustainability program:

• Human
Our sustainability efforts at Riyadh Cables Group begin with human capital. It is part of our continued efforts to maintain and improve the human experience as they form the core of our organization. We understand that without human capital and expertise, we won't be able to deliver sustainable and efficient solutions to our clients and partners.
•  Social 
Social sustainability is another important aspect of our sustainability program at Riyadh Cables Group. We support the social ecosystem by developing and delivering services that support the social framework of our immediate and neighboring communities.
•  Economic
If our social sustainability program is committed to preserving social equity, our economic sustainability program focuses on improving the quality of life. At the same time, it guides our business decision toward keeping the capital intact. 
•  Environmental
Our environmental sustainability program is one of the most critical aspects of this sustainability focus within our organization. We understand that there are limited resources available for us to use. Therefore, we are committed to reducing waste and efficiently utilizing those resources – the natural capital such as air, water, and land. 

Human Sustainability

Human sustainability in our organization is manifested through our investments in our people's health and education systems. We prioritize giving them access to knowledge, skills, and programs that enhance their skills, giving them more opportunities for personal and professional growth. At the same time, we aim to provide them with access to services and nutrition to perform to the best of their abilities. 


At Riyadh Cables Group, we know that there is limited access to natural resources and spaces. By ensuring our human capital has access to their basic needs and services, we can promote well-being for every one part of the team. Our commitment to human sustainability is geared toward anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in creating our products, as well as stakeholders and those responsible for delivering our products to clients. 


Our program on human sustainability is not just limited to internal efforts. We also believe in adopting sustainable programs that would minimize the negative impact on the communities that we serve while we strive to support and initiate positive changes. Our goal is to reduce the effect of sourcing raw materials within the immediate communities. 


The ultimate goal of our human sustainability program is to develop the skills and capacity of all members of our organization that enable them to perform their functions. At the same time, every team member must support the organization's commitment to sustainability to promote wellness in the immediate communities we serve and society. 

Economic Sustainability

In the business context, this program outlines what we must do as an organization to maximize the utilization of our resources, human capital, and assets. The end goal is to ensure profitability so that we can continue to serve our clients while improving our products and services at the same time. This type of commitment allows us to innovate and set the quality standard within our industry. 

Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to preserving the environment contributes to business continuity. Making a positive impact on the environment guarantees that we have enough resources available in the future to maintain our business and benefit our clients. Environmental sustainability has a short- and long-term impact on our organization, clients, and the environment. 

Today, we are recycling more then 90% of our waste

How We Implement Our Sustainability Program

At Riyadh Cables Group, we take concrete steps to make our sustainability program a reality and for it to make an impact on the industry and our communities. So, how do we achieve this?

Our commitment to sustainability begins with sourcing raw materials used in the manufacturing process of our wires, cables, and other products. We choose natural materials that have minimal impact on the environment and the processes and technologies we use to achieve the end product.

Our goal is to produce minimal waste and ensure maximum utilization of raw materials. The less waste, the more we can reduce the negative environmental impact of our products. Our processes and technologies ensure a long lifespan for our products and fewer breakdowns. As a result, our clients do not have to keep replacing the systems they use, reducing overall waste.

The sustainability practice embedded in every aspect of our business activities aligns with our core values: focus on our people, commitment to our customers, and the importance of teamwork. We also have ISO standard certification to support our commitment to quality and environmental management.