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Riyadh Cables’ affiliates extend to 22 domestic/regional locations

Make a definite decision to have 18 local locations and 4 regional locations where business is handled in addition to our main office. Most branch offices are made up of smaller divisions of the company's many departments, such as sales, marketing, and accounting. A branch office usually has a branch manager who reports to and is answerable to a member of management at the main office.

Branch offices are useful in that they allow many of the client-specific administrative considerations to be conducted closest to clients.

Office Address

D, 2nd industrial City, Al Kharj Road Street
No.: 175, 3rd Lane Zone, Riyadh 11496

P.O. Box 26862

Toll Free

Quick Contact

+966 11 265 0850 
+966 11 260 7800


Our Global Manufacturing Footprint

Riyadh Cables Group

Manufacturing facility Saudi Arabia/Riyadh
P.O.Box 26862 Riyadh 11496
Tel: +966 11 265 0850 Tel:+966 11 260 7800

National Cables Industries

Manufacturing facility UAE/Sharjah
P.O.Box 27472
Tel: +971 6 531 1888 Fax:+971 6 531 1577

Al-Rowad  Electrical Cables

Manufacturing facility Iraq/Baghdad
Tel: +964 772 843 5656