About the offering

Preparing for the listing on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul), Riyadh Cables Group Company, the largest cables manufacturer in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and one of the largest power cables manufacturers globally, is pleased to announce the offering of 22% of its share capital for public subscription


IPO timeline

Message from the leadership

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Khalid Abdulrahman Al-Gwaiz

Chief Executive Officer

Borjan Sehovac

Riyadh cables in numbers

Riyadh Cables Group
Company was established

Cable lengths supplied
equivalent to 2,000 times
the earth's circumference

Group Employees

Products in
37 countries
across 5 continents

264,000 tons
Total production capacity

Factories in GCC & Iraq

The largest cable
manufacturer in the Middle
East and North Africa

Branches in Saudi Arabia

Subsidiaries, branches,
and representative offices
outside Saudi Arabia

176,000 tons
Volume of order backlog, frame
agreements and LOI as of October
15, 2022

Market share in
Saudi Arabia

SAR 5 billion Revenue as of
September 30, 2022

Market share in
the UAE

Center of

138,000 tons
Volume of deliveries
as of September 30, 2022

Of revenues from export sales

How to subscribe

The subscriber must have a valid bank account with any of the receiving banks

The subscriber should review all information and read all the available documents by visiting Riyadh Cables Group IPO page for further insights on the company and the IPO process

Subscribe to the offer shares in line with the final offer share price through the receiving banks, whether via the websites of the banks or their respective applications

You may or may not receive all the shares to which you have subscribed, on share allocation

Competitive advantages

A Variety of Quality Products

The company is distinguished by its ability to produce a broad range of high-quality cables and wires of different types and usages (in different specifications and sizes)

Experienced Shareholders in the Cable Industry

The company has a strong shareholder base, experienced in manufacturing and business sectors. They also have 4 decades of experience in cable sector

Technical Expertise, Quality Control and Research and Development

The company has invested heavily in the continuous research and development of products to maintain its technological leadership among the competitors in the region

Environmental & Social Practices and Corporate Governance

The company owns state-of-the-art recycling facilities for the reuse of recyclable metals, polymers and cable drums, winding reels, contributing effectively to the sustainability process, and to reducing the CO2 emissions

Group size

The group is the largest cables manufacturer in the Middle East and North Africa

World-Class Integrated Manufacturing Facilities

The company owns 6 supporting factories for the 9 main cable factories in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Iraq

Key documents

Financial advisor, bookrunner, lead manager and underwriter

Receiving agents

Frequently asked questions

•Riyadh Cables Group Company, established in 1984, and one of the leading companies in the Middle East, manufactures and supplies a broad range of wires and cables via its advanced facilities in the Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and Iraq. Due to its strong technical capabilities and its investments in research and development, the company has been a major supplier for many mega projects and many utility and service companies. The company has 32-%30% market share in its line of business in the Kingdom, and the company continues with this performance while utilizing its competitive advantages. The company has thirteen (13) subsidiaries that it owns directly and/or indirectly, including five (5) essential subsidiaries and eight (8) non-essential subsidiaries.

• The company and its subsidiaries are among the leading companies in the Middle East and in the world that are specialized in the production of cables, electrical wires, telecommunication cables and electrical conductors of various types. The company and its subsidiaries are also considered one of the most important providers of cables used in infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, GCC countries and Iraq

• Household electrical cables and wires
• Low-voltage cables
• Medium-voltage cables
• High-voltage cables
• Extra-high voltage cables
• Overhead conductors
• Insulated overhead conductors
• Copper telephone cables
• Fiber optic cables
• Specialized Cables

• The shareholders of the company are composed of a group of major shareholders, including Abdulqader Al-Muhaideb & Sons Company, Hikmat Sadidddin Abdulhamid Al-Zaim, Ahmed Samer Hamdi Sadidddin Al-Zaim, Alma Company Limited, Mohammed Hikmat Sadidddin Al-Zaim.

• The number of shares that may be allocated to you depends on the allocation decisions made by the company and its financial advisors. If the subscription applications have exceeded the volume of the offered shares, any excess money will be refunded to investors.

• The company shares will be listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) main market.

• The final offer share price will be announced at the end of the book building period.

The subscription to offer shares is limited to the two following categories of investors:
• Participating Parties: This tranche includes the categories that are entitled to participate in the book building process under the book building instructions.
• Individual Subscribers: This tranche includes Saudi natural persons, and any natural non-Saudi resident or GCC investors of a natural personality, who have a bank account with one of the receiving agents and are entitled to open an investment account.

• No trading lock-up period or restriction on the sale of shares will be applied after listing.

• For more information, please refer to the section: “How to Subscribe to Offer Shares” in this page.

• Please refer to the section “IPO Timeline” in this page for details.

• The final offer share price will be set after the end of the book building period


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